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APN Services

The Session Telecoms APN enterprise solution is unique in that it is isolated and secure, integrated with private ip deployment. We utilise APN technology as one of the many network stack layers to create fully secure private mobile connected networks.

Supported Networks

Session’s solution allows you to manage all your SIMs and data usage from a single location. Thanks to our data management tools and services you will see further cost savings, while our security policy implementation will allow your users to connect to our voice servers only via private IP address. This provides you with various benefits such as a direct routed private and secure network to your clients PBX. Extremely limited access from the internet protecting your voice deployments.


There is no limit to the number of SIMs you can add, making our product offering completely scalable as your business grows. Our management platform enables you to manage your entire multi-network SIM environment from one simple-to-use and intuitive portal, providing you with exactly what every connection, SIM, user, and group or cost centre is doing on your network.

Session’s management platform allows for data allocation, setting data limits, notifications, suspensions, and full reporting right up to SIM level.

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