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Why Choose Us?

Session Telecoms, partners with preferred technology Vendors and Tier 1 providers both locally and globally. Our preferential commercial and technical relationships enhance Sessions Products, Services and Solutions.

Our commercial models for Managed, Reseller and Wholesale Channels enables our Channel customers to compete confidently with any other service provider in the South Africa Telecoms market.


Session Telecoms has a well-established presence of over 10 years in the local Telecoms market with a proven track record of offering solutions based on client requirements and business objectives.


We provide the necessary tools, guidance and support which enables Service Providers to build and grow their businesses so they can operate independently and competitively.


Session Telecoms adds value to our customers,

Firstly by understanding their business goals.

Secondly by designing tailor
made solutions that best fit their objectives by delivering these
solutions using carrier grade products and services


Session Telecoms offers various start-up commercial models using our carriergrade billing platform.

We offer instantaneous sign up of new entrants to the Telco market.

The zero CAPEX model enables immediate trading and selling of services with zero risk.

Reseller Model Benefits

Our current Scalable solutions for businesses of any size, across all products and services, from Service Provider (SP) Hosted Voice to Connectivity and Broadband.

We offer the right Telco enabled product portfolio, from data to voice, as
well as unified communications.

For more information on becoming a reseller, please complete the form below.

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