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Voice Services

Session offers carrier grade voice and voice enhanced services through telco grade platforms. These range from basic voice peering trunks, Hosted PBX, Hosted White label instances to connect a Channel Partner customers or simply local and international voice termination trunks.

With our Channel Partner offerings, there is no need for cost of ownership to run your telco business. Combined with our connectivity offering, the Channel Partner focus on building their business, rather than their network

Using our inhouse sourced voice SD-WAN product line, our Channel Partner voice is QoS, secure, reliable and E2E.

Legacy telephony can be easily interconnected using Session’s converted solution


Session partner with world class Hosted IP Telephony vendors to offer the most mature Hosted IP based Class 4 and 5 Turnkey Telephony Platforms. Since 2007. Deployed as a flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems for SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies.

These IP Telephony White Label platforms are ideal Business, Call Centre and Multi-Tenant Editions, each supporting specific

features maximizing performance, reliability,and expandability.

Our Channel Partners
are relieved of the
burden of purchasing
and maintaining
expensive platforms.

The Hosted platforms
integrate seamlessly with
200 + industry telephony

Run recurring Invoices,
Unlimited Billing Packages,
Unlimited Service
Plans, Custom Invoices,
Outstanding Balances, CDR
Mediation, Customer
Subscriptions… and more!

The solution gives
complete control to our
customers, to on-board,
manage and maintain
their customers. True
Multi-tenancy built-in


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